Need a new Job!!

I have totally abandoned this diary. I am doing good though. Trying to find another job because this one is burning me out. I know that I have barely reached the 3 month mark, but I am about there. I can request my PTO at the end of this month. I am just burned out. I work so many hours. Plus the atmosphere is crazy at times. These girls can be violent. I knew this coming in, but I am not used to the roughness. These girls grew up on the streets, and I was not, so that is difficult. I had my keycard and radio taken from me on the most hectic unit. That happened about three weeks ago. I was not harmed and such, but that unit was just off the chain and the other staff could not help me, so I was on my own. I did not give in so easily though. It has gotten so bad that I did not even go into work today. I mean, I did not call off or anything. I just literally did not show up at all, and that is bad. I will definitely get written up tomorrow, and hopefully not fired because that would be so tragic. I do not think so, since I do not have a history of accessive absenteeism. I am definitely not doing that again. I had all of my clothes packed and everything. I went and saw Duaine today and was going to leave early to get to work. I just felt so bad and down and did not want to deal with that place today, that I stayed the remainder of his visiting hours. It helped me to spend some time with him. It showed that I need to suck it up, and be persistent and to not burn my bridges before I get another job you know?

said Michelle on 2006-10-11 @ 4:42 p.m.

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