Being a Social Worker

I got a new job. I will be a Social Worker with the Department of Children Services working in the Placement Unit. I will be working with placing kids in Foster Care, and will be working with the families. My current job just burned me out. I know that this job is going to be tough also, but I think I will like it so much better I will not have to deal with restraining kids and such. I start on Tuesday. Today I went and met my Supervisor. She is really nice. I hope my team is very nice. I look forward to meeting all of them. It sucks because my benefits will not kick in until like January 1st or so, but not that much time at all. My last day at my current job is on Saturday. I will miss my co-workers and some of the residents that are working their programs, but I am excited because something better is in store for me. Wish me luck you guys!!

said Michelle on 2006-11-07 @ 6:27 p.m.

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