101 Things

Okay I promised 101 facts about me, here they are.

1. My name is Michelle

2. I was born in San Diego, California

3. I am 20 years old.

4. I'm in my third year of college

5. My major is Sociology

6. But I have no clue what I want to do with my major.

7. I Have one sister

8. I love cats and dogs

9. I wish that I had an older brother.

10. But I'm happy for my little sister. Would not trade her for any sister in the world.

11. I was born premature

12. I was really supposed to be born in May

13. But I was born February 28 instead.

14. I am a Pisces

15. I"m already thinking it hard to say things about myself.

16. Iam a pretty black woman

17.I am a virgin

18. I plan to wait for marriage for sex.

19. That explains why I'm horny sometimes. *wink*

20. I have had one serious boyfriend in my life.

21. I was a sophmore in highschool.

22. I have had my heart broken before.

23. It was in my first year of college

24. I have lived in the college dorms for two years.

25. This year I will have my own apartment with a whole bunch of my friends.

26. I have a license, but no car.

27. I have had my license for almost 2 years.

28. I hope to get a car by the end of this year.

29. My Parents are divorced.

30. They got seperated when I was like 10.

31. There divorce was not final until like 4 years ago.

32. My father is remarried.

33. I Have 2 stepbrothers.

34. I only get to see my father only once a year.

35. He is from Ohio.

36. I love to read.

37. I read a 870 page book in three days.

38. And that was Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix.

39. I'm addicted to the Harry Potter series.

40. My favorite series of all time was the Baby Sitter's Club.

41. My favorite color is blue.

42. My favorite flavor of icecream is butter pecan.

43. I have an boyfriend that I met online.

44. We have been talking for 8 months now.

45. We made it official on may 27th.

46. I know it sounds crazy, but I think he was blessed to be in my life by the God.

47. I have not met him yet, but we plan to meet eachother someday soon when the time is right.

48. We both know what the other looks like.

49. He is 25 years old.

50. My father was in the Navy

51. He used to go to far away places and bring us back gifts.

52. Mental Illness runs in my family.

53. My mother suffers from one.

54. I pray that I will not have to suffer from one.

55. I want to have my own children one day.

56. I would want to have a boy and a girl.

57. I have had my online diary here on diaryland for 9 months now.

58. I have really enjoyed it.

60. I'm struggling to come up with

61. I have a wide range of music that you love.

62. My favorite artist of all time is Michael Jackson

63. My next favorite artist is Celine Dion

64. As of right now, I'm listening to "Something in my Heart" by Michel'le, she is an old artist.

65. I get made fun of because of the music that I listen to because I'm black.

66. But I do not care because I think that I have a broad of range of music that I like.

67. I weigh 116 pounds

68. I'm 5'5

69. My favorite cartoon when I was younger was the Thunder Cats

70. I have recently become addicted to japanese anime.

71. So far I have watched Trigun, Onegai Teacher, I my Me, Strawberry Eggs, Some of Cowboy Bebop, and some of Inuyasha

72. I love roller coasters

73. I have a fear of popping balloons and popping the cans of biscuits that you keep in the refridgerator

74. I have almond shaped eyes.

75. It's hard for me to admit, but the muscle in my right eye is very weak.

76. Thus, making it wander when I'm very tired.

77. I was born 1lb 6 oz.

78. I was born with the pelvis of my right kidney in the outside instead of the outside.

79. I hate lima beans

80. My favorite food is Mexican Food

81. Right now I'm waiting to have surgery to get my spleen removed, it has a cyst on it.

82. I love playing computer games

83. The hardest computer game that I have played is the Myst Series.

84. I"m very self conscious about my legs

85. But I"m happy about my bust size. *smile*

86. The scariest movie to me was the Exorcist.

87. The first time I saw it I had nightmares for a week

88. I have never had my own room before.

89. I used to hate talking on the phone, but now I find myself always on it.

90. I got my first cell phone this year.

91. I can flip my eyelids inside out.

92. I have huge burps

93. I have smiling eyes

94. I think I have a great sense of humor.

95. I lost my Grandmother in March

96. I'm afraid at failing at life.

97. I am a Christian.

98. I believe in God.

99. My favorite flower are Roses

100. The name of my diary is A Rose in Bloom

101. I have had braces on since I was in 8th grade.

said Michelle on 2003-06-30 @ 7:11 p.m.

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