Possible Job

Whew, Im so tired. I have been running around since 9 this morning, and I barely just got home.

I went to the Doctor this morning. Everything is good. I got my staples removed. It was not that bad. It kind pinched when he was removing the staples one at a time, but so glad to have them out now. The doctor said everything looks good. I cannot do any heavy lifting for a month, which is fine by me. But other than that, I can lead a normal life.

So then I decided that I wanted a job. Im' so I went to the place that my sister works, and applied for a couple of positions. The first one was data entry. I did not pass their test because I did not have a 5000 score. I had a 3083 score. So then I tested for the Telephone Operator position. They gave me a test testing me on multiplication, spelling, and problems involving sales tax. I passed that one. Then I got tested on typing again. The requirment to get an interview was 15wpm and I got like 38 wpm. So not that bad. I have a peliminary interview tommorow. I hope I can get this job. It's for fulltime. If I do get this job, I will be very tired because they work you very hard. I'm sure I can do it though. It will only be for a month, and I figure I can save some money.

Well that is all I have to report for today. Everyone pray that I can get this job. Oh yeah, before I forget, there is was this girl's diary I used to read, well she got busted using a stolen credit card, and screwed over diaryland, so they closed her account. Crazy huh?


said Michelle on 2003-07-22 @ 4:07 p.m.

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